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Optometrists now have another test available to them using CSO’s Retimax – the Glaucoma Hemifield PERG test. This can detect dysfunctions of the retinal ganglion cells before the irreversible apoptosis process has started. Retimax detects dysfunction in the retinal ganglion cells before the irreversible process of cell death, providing a rationale for early treatment, to prevent or delay the death process. The PERG test is the most common and reliable method for early diagnosis of glaucoma. This option to treat patients at a very early stage means fewer patients will develop the disease.

 Compact and user friendly, the Retimax is the newest device for the detection and monitoring the progress of glaucoma. The instrument is really easy to operate.  Retimax performs an objective test based on ocular electrophysiology, useful for the functional assessment of retina and ganglion cells. It allows the evaluation of patients’ sight in accordance with the ISCEV standard (International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision). It has a user- defined normative database related to patient age for fast and effective clinical diagnostics.

Dr Giacomo Costa from the Operative Ophthalmology unit at Forli Hospital, a centre of excellence for the study of the disease, demonstrated the use of Retimax at their latest Glaucoma Forum LIVII congress in December 2018.The congress focusses on the latest strategies in the surgery of glaucoma.
If you’d like to know more about how Retimax can help you detect early stages of glaucoma in your practice, or arrange a demonstration, please contact Lisa Evans at Hanson Instruments on 01527 501 077

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