Dilation and Research

An unusual study has taken place in Florida, USA that  has looked at pharmacological dilation of pupils in fourteen postmortem eyes.

The study has announced that meaningful dilation of pupils after we pass away is indeed possible.

The researchers used a solution of 10% phenylephrine plus 1% tropicamide in two sets of two drops, administered  just three minutes apart. Researchers then took measurements of the pupils after twenty minutes and then again after a full hour.

Pre- application of the solutions, the pupils were photographed digitally, and again once the time for study was finished.The researchers took into account medical records of the deceased that included, where the patients had lived, any medications they were using, and their ocular history records.

The measured response to the phenylephrine and tropicamide solution drops were  a surprising 0.7mm to 2.6mm dilation.

The implications for this phenomenon could prove very useful in future opthalmic researches essentially where ocular human tissue has an important role.