Driving it Home

Every time I get behind the wheel of my car, I know that for safety's sake, I must have the best vision( corrected or otherwise) to be a responsible driver. I do not think, that I have ever given as much thought to the " next car over" and who might be in control of that vehicle. Do they thinkthe same as me or are as safety conscious?
Worryingly, results from a research study carried out by an Insurers group and the Optical Confederation has reported that casualties from road traffic incidences in the United Kingdom amount to a figure of almost three thousand people which costs the British tax payers almost thirty three million pounds.

Those drivers found to have a vision score below the minimum standard were estimated to have fifteen per cent more of a chance of  a vehicle collision. However, it was to be noted that in many cases, the drivers researched were unaware of eye issues or deteriorating eye sight.
The call comes for policy makers to guarantee that every driver has regular eye testing to bring the statistics down, a major public health challenge all around. Off the tail of the Road Safety Week last week. local authorities are being urged to commit to relay the importance of the eye test message via local health and eye health networks.