Early Years Audio

Children's eye health is the focus of a month long awareness week in the Unites States running throughout August. A new audio podcast has been developed for carers and parents that talk through early developments of a child's eye sight and continued development stages including the importance of eye safety. The total running time for the podcast is just seven minutes long but is loaded with pointers and prompts for continued eye awareness as a child grows.

A child's ability to learn is dependent on healthy vision and early diagnosis for visual developments that are not expected are vital for supporting treatment and management of any conditions that may arise from screening. Unfortunately, ninety per cent of the million eye injuries that happen every year are easily preventable and these usually happen during outdoor play sessions ( forty thousand of them are sport related).

As we concern ourselves with immunizations throughout the foundation years, lets not forget to add the Optician to the health care professional list for all round health and well being.