Effective Treatment For Face-Blindness

face blindness

Prosopagnosia, is the technical name for the inability to determine facial expressions and the recognition of peoples individual faces. The condition can be found in around 1 in 40 people, with varying degrees of severity, and can also be causes by trauma to the brain.

Before this breakthrough, the condition was very much one which could not be cured or treated, but instead various techniques were recommended to work around it. However, Ian Jordan, an optician based in Ayr, Scotland has developed what is claimed to be the first form of treatment for prosopagnosia. The discovery centres around the brains ability to make distinctions much more clearly in some patients when the 'visual noise' is removed, in this case problematic colours.

As each patient is different, a uniquely prescribed coloured lens is required on a case by case basis once the noisy colours have been determined, allowing the brain to focus and concentrate much more efficiently. This treatment will certainly leave some patients saying that they actually do look at the world through rose tinted spectacles.