Exam Strains

While we might take time out to do some hard core exercise ( or mediocre in my personal case!)those that study hard with heads in books or pouring over monitors may now benefit from doing very basic at home exercises for their eyes.Eye strain is the most common complaint for those that study hard and while we pop over the counter or prescribed eye drops to help stimulate and relive tired eyes, the set of simple exercises has been proved to increase eye focus by up to fifteen per cent more than the treatments designed to alleviate symptoms.Children and students tend to suffer from eye strain more than the rest of the population so the University of Reading used one hundred and sixty seven students between the ages of eighteen and twenty five to discover how effective simple eye care exercises helped to alleviate the strain.None of the sample group had sought advice before on eye strain and were cited as having normal vision. Their eye balance and focusing ability were measured  before being provided with a set of six random exercise courses used to target specific eye problems, as well as a placebo.

Although they don't work immediately it was proven that it was the exercise courses that were the most effective at combating the tension brought on by eye strain after excessive studying, or reading in bad light.
So if you have a mammoth revision period looming ( SATS and GCSE's are all currently in full flow across Great Britain)  take regular short breaks, shut your eyes  intermittently or refocus and shift your gaze by looking out of the window.  If the symptoms persist then seek an eye test.