Eye Cancer UV Threat

A news report released by the British press today has helped to demonstrate once again the dangers of sunbed use. A mother of one and retired actress and model has had an eye removed after being diagnosed with ocular melanoma which has now spread to her liver.The woman said that she used sunbeds for years after she reached the age of fourteen and the pressure to have the right image was so strong that she waylaid all health concerns and warnings in an effort to be accepted and successful in the industry. When it came to sunbed use she didn't use the safety goggles provided as they would have given her unwanted and unsightly tan lines on her face. A decision that has now cost her her future.

Ocular melanoma is a cancer that develops from cells called melanocytes.  It is these cells that are responsible for the colour of our skin and are found in our hair, the linings of our internal organs and our eye. Those whose skin normally burns easily are most at risk  of ocular melanoma. Early symptoms include seeing flashing lights and abnormal shadows in the field of vision and generally more blurred  sight. It can also present though without any of these symptoms and requires sight testing through an optometrist.

With more cases being given air time over the media and internet hopefully young people will re-educate themselves and spread the word that there is such a thing as  beauty without risks.