Eyes on the Spectrum

We all know the phrase that eyes are the so called windows to our souls and they have been and will remain a favored topic for research modules worldwide.  No exception to this rule are the researchers, specialists and delegates that are involved with the research of Autism.The Marcus Autism Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, have declared that the study of an infants eyes can help determine whether or not there are early signs of autism  which for families and patients affected by such spectrum disorders would allow earlier intervention for assessment of services and long term therapy programs.The research results were presented at a world autism research conference where almost seventeen hundred professionals gathered to exchange the latest scientific findings on Autism.Georgia tends to have better services for Autism than in other US States maybe because there is a higher than average rate of children diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder there. Today, one in sixty eight US children are reported as being on the spectrum, a thirty per cent increase from one in eighty eight two years ago.
The Marcus Center analysis found that some babies with declining eye fixation who underwent a course correction did not go on to develop autism.

There is still so much to learn in the research for autism, the eyes though may just have it.