Far East Comes Closer

A contact lens manufacturer based in the far east who are already marketing their lenses as branded products here within Europe will be making their entire portfolio of products available to be marketed here in the UK.

Clearlab are makers of the popular Clear1-day biocompatible daily disposable lens, the cosmetically based Clearcolour range and and also hydrogel lenses Clear 58, 55 and 38.

They attended the recent Optrafair expo where it was revealed that they have opened a brand new customer service centre in Berkshire which will provide stock to UK suppliers.

Clearlab recently opened a new supply and customer service centre in Reading, Berkshire where all stock will be carried which has been described as mass marketing stock and not being products directed at a particular end of the optical market.

Later this year Clearlab are expected to produce and market a new multifocal lens in addition to the development of a new product that is aimed to assist at control of myopia in all affected patients.