Flying Hospital School Still Winning

A British theatre nurse has returned from a trip to Panama City to Preston Hospital where he has been volunteering with the ORBIS International Charity on a vision saving mission.

George Appasamy, has been training the local bank of nurses the most vital skills required for treating and recognizing regular and common eye conditions in the area which has had massive impact, previously,on the local communities.

Of the thirty nine million worldwide blind patients, a staggering eighty per cent could be treated or cured. Nine out of ten of this number live in under developed communities which were it not for their economic plight, could easily  have received preventative medicines and saved sight.

Common and simple procedures such as removal of cataracts can ultimately prevent a loss of income for a low income family and restore independence from what would otherwise have become a daunting blow on a family. 

ORBIS are continually working to amend this plight with years of education behind them to train and educate almost a quarter of million medical staff to date and assisted in the provision of twenty three million treatments throughout ninety two countries.