Gift keeps Giving

Three per cent of young American children are affected by lazy eye, which in the United States is also the leading cause of monocular blindness. A legacy that has been left by a descendant of the late and great Walt Disney, his daughter, Diane Disney Miller,  has reportedly generated one hundred thousand dollars per annum for the last decade. Mrs Miller created a research foundation award for Amblyopia research back in 2003 with a pledge of a huge million dollars.The Research to Prevent Blindness foundation is now doubling its annual target for support of the research program started by Walt's daughter. The founder of RPB, Dr Stein was a business colleague and friend of Walt Disney and new Mrs Miller as caring woman who devoted her life to expanding and preserving her own fathers achievements.When the foundation received funding for an additional year after the passing of Mrs Miller, they decided to match the commitment made my Mrs Miller and supported to RPB investigators with one hundred thousand dollars each.

One PHD Researcher will investigate the cerebellum and its effect on maintaining eye alignment and the other will look into the success of video game based therapy in patients deemed to be beyond the age for critical period treatment.