Health Care And Vision

Health Care And Vision

We all know if you walk too far your legs hurt. If you lift heavy things, your arms hurt. So, if you look at a computer screen for long periods of time, your eyes are bound to be affected. Right?

Eyestrain can have the most simple symptoms. Dry eyes, sore eyes or even headaches that lead to migraines. To rest your eyes if you do have a job that means you work at a computer, try closing them for a few minutes or even just looking away from the screen. When your eyes are tired, don’t rub them but use eye drops that lubricate and soothe them.

Eye strain and irritation is the most common complaint for people who work everyday on a computer. A lot of these eye problems can stem form the most simple things like lighting, screen glare or even poor positioning of your chair or computer screen.

Relaxing your eyes is important whatever your job. Just by changing focus can help the eye relax and rest. This is as simple as glancing out of a window or around the room you are in. Try blinking, rolling and closing them tightly for about 20 seconds.

Lastly, always get your eyes checked at your local opticians, our eyes are the most important thing in our everyday life and work.