High Street Favourite Changes Game Plan

One of our most well known branch of High Street opticians is changing the industry standard after more than two decades by making a guarantee to its customers that UV standard lenses will be provided for every pair of glasses supplied. Boots Opticians have identified a need for committed support and the best eye health value for their customers that they can provide. Directors of the popular chain are commenting how this one change in itself will make self-care for patients that much easier, and that the change is to include all prescriptions including those offered on the National Health Service.Even down to the cheapest range of frames that can be supplied by Boots, the inclusion of UV protection lenses along with Ultratough lenses for children's glasses is being looked upon as a bit of a "game changer' act. The amendments to the actual hardware including a more simplified pricing structure for customers, falls under a new advertising and care campaign called Clearer Prices, Clearer Vision, No Exceptions, No Hidden Costs.They are hoping to be recognised as market leaders in their industry once the flagship store in London's Oxford Street goes live with the campaign.

The campaign is putting more emphasis on leading by health benefits in offering the coated and   toughened lenses to customers rather than a monetary incentive. Boots Opticians were the market leaders in offering the "buy one get one free" pair incentive in the early nineties.