High Street Warning

A warning has gone out to the public who invest in cheap ' ready reader ' spectacles that can be found in cost cutting stores and large high street stores who do not offer the facility of an eye check or eye care professionals advise with purchase.

A pair of glasses that are not tailored to a users actual prescription or account for any other eye deformity and condition will do long term damage. The consumer giant Which? conducted a survey on the ready made glasses that were purchased from eleven high street chain stores.

While magnification in the eighteen tested samples were correct the researchers commented that in over a third of the sample, the lenses were not centered correctly which is conducive to symptoms for the wearer that include, dizziness, double vision and tension headaches.

They further stressed that the price of the lenses were also not a reliable indicator to the quality of the lenses.

Public are urged to always seek advice on the suitability of ready reading glasses. Opticians are always pleased to assist even if the purchase has not been made via themselves. Eye wear and eye sight need eye awareness.