India Front-Runners in New Surgery

With the speedy advances in technology, surgical breakthrough reports are more common place. Just last week another has taken place after  three surgeries were demonstrated at a vitreoretinal symposium arranged by an overseas Retina Foundation in India. Live surgical demos took place where inner eye bleeding was treated with new surgical high-end hardware.
Now, retinal holes, caused eg. by diabetes, can be fixed with such equipment. This was something eye surgeons were incapable of just a decade ago.

In addition to surgical news, the symposium pushed the ongoing need for education in having regular eye health checks, with particular reference to patients suffering hypertension and diabetes, as these are common causes of retina differentiations related to decreased vision.

A new procedure named vitrectomy is now used to remove the blood, and the bleeding vessels in the eye which are  then  laser sealed.

In  a separate demonstration, the placement of a glued intraocular lens  was made into the eye of a patient who had had lens displacement.

The lens in the eye can be displaced either due to congenital factors, or sometimes after a cataract surgery.