Lens Competition

Recent investigation of Independent Opticians that you may wander into along the high streets and  in smaller towns have upheld that there is a question over "customer loyalty"  when it comes to the provision of prescription contact lenses.

With the technical age at it's biggest and brightest, most consumers these days take full advantage of the opportunities to shop online, and with a high percentage of consumers purchasing essential items online from supermarket giants, it is not surprising that something as essential as a contact lens package is not remiss from an online scout for price comparison.

At a recent Optician event it was warned that practitioners must provide top-class service to hold on to increasingly internet savvy contact lens patients. The concern for practitioners is that the online services are not properly governed or policed to check that the prescription is correct but that the one steadfast and most important provision that practitioners can offer over the online companies is the professional person to person care they provide to patients.

A little further investigation revealed that for many of the online lens purchasers, they were actually loyal to their eye health managers practice, but for many the availability and affordability of " top up" lens packages was too competitive to not be taken advantage of.