Lessen The Light

An Optician based in Bristol, UK, has announced his fears that many of the young people of today will undoubtedly be suffering from vision problems by the time they reach middle-age due to the emitted light from various technological sources and also eco -friendly lighting which many of us have now been persuaded to use throughout our homes and workplaces.

But European eye health experts have been quoting the same fears for a while. While it is accepted that a certain amount of blue - light is required to assist in body regulatory functions it is also thought to disrupt our mood and our sleep and out us in the sphere for higher risk contraction of macular generation. The fear is that the blue light omitted from various tablets, phones and hand held devices will burn the retina over a long period of exposure which for health services in the future will mean higher numbers of patients requiring assistance.

Reducing our exposure to such blue - light will be beneficial if we start right now and have mind to the effects that the lifestyle choices we make will have to our eyesight in the later years.