Lifeline Appeal Launch

More celebrity endorsements recently in the united Kingdom following a newly released appeal by the British Broadcasting Corporation on behalf of the UK charity Fight for Sight.Many millions of people are affected or have been affected either, personally or indirectly by age related macular degeneration. Dame Judi Dench is one of the more recent and most recognized faces of British screen and film who has announced that her battle with age - related macular degeneration has led to somebody else now needing to read out her scripts to her to learn.The latest face to lend support to the charity's Lifeline appeal, is This Morning presenter and author Judy Finnigan. Not a sufferer of the disease herself, her mother lost her sight to AMD and Judy has had emergency surgery in the past further to suffering a detached retina four year ago.

The appeal will launch on air on BBC One in Mid April ( the 20th).