Light the Way


Once we get through the doors of our eye doctor's clinic, many of us may be thinking, "that's it, I'm done. This is all good" especially if we leave with a label of 20/20 vision. However, researchers are now asking for caution, that the environments in which we take our eye tests may not reflect a true reading of our sight as we may see arguably less well back in our own homes.

The simple reason for this is not due to pressure, nerves or poor technique and evaluation by the eye doctors. But the simple issue of lighting. The search results were implying that especially in older people, eyesight was poorer when tested in their own homes than when taking a clinic based examination due to poor lighting. Depreciated vision can have a knock on effect of an older patients quality of life as their ability to move around may be compromised and therefore some tasks can prove difficult or in some cases could prove dangerous due to sight problems.The team went on to report that poor lighting in the home was the most significant factor contributing to decreased vision with over three quarters of older patients having lighting at home that was below the recommended level. This is surely one of the simplest and most pain free ways of ensuring our older peers are not losing vision needlessly.