Locking Down Your Data


As we are now into January, with it comes the overhaul of the organization of our days. Financial reviews for better deals and insurance policies for peace of mind ( especially with the weather we have been having). Many of you may have received new toys for Christmas, phones, sound systems, MP3's tablets and the like.  How many of us though would consider an overhaul of our online security? How many times do you dismiss or ignore the prompts that pop up to revise or update or even install the latest spyware or security files for all of our sensitive data that we have become reliant on in our daily schedules?

Well now a brand new toy has been developed that aims to provide us with the safest " safe " for all of that data using the most reliable key: Our own eye.

The gadget is named The Myris and is an Eyelock USB piece of hardware that can be plugged in to any lap top or computer, which then uses the users iris to lock and unlock access to private data. Unlike a scan of the retina, the Myris will locate and lock onto in excess of two hundred and forty points on a human iris via the small video-cam. The dept of the eye and the surface tension of the eyeball are also defining features of this unique system. Once videoed the device uses an algorithm to convert the image into a unique ID which is further encrypted, then scrambled and stored on the device.

Using it's own App, you open and log into any applications or online services such as yahoo, Paypal etc. and the KEY will store all your access data to the device.

EyeLock have yet to release a market release date for The Myris.