Magnifiers Added To Supermarkets To Aid People With Poor Vision

Magnifiers Added To Supermarkets To Aid People With Poor Vision

The Royal National Institute of Blind People has welcomed the new i-viewers which have been installed in Southern Cooperative supermarkets and stores across a number of UK branches which help shoppers read labels and prices which may be difficult for those with vision problems. Currently being used in 30 shops, the magnifiers have been met with approval from buyers too, allowing them to quickly and easily understand product packaging, which in the past may have appeared too small for their eyes to read.

The i-viewer is a straightforward, easy to use magnifying glass, which has been installed along aisles in the stores participating in the trial. Hanging from the shelves, they are easily accessible and brightly coloured to attract attention, allowing for people with poor sight or eyesight problems to overlay on labels to make smaller text much easier to read.

Why have these been installed at all?

  • Forget your glasses? It is estimated that over 50% of people who require the use of glasses, regularly forget to take them to supermarkets or when shopping
  • I can't read that! Over 80% of shoppers complain of being unable to read details on product labels due to the size of font in use

Of course, one of the main issues is not necessarily to make prices bolder or slogans bigger. Simply advising customers of ingredients and helping them avoid things they might be allergic to is of paramount importance.

The low cost and simple idea has been positively reviewed by users in stores and the RNIB believes the additions can make a big difference.