Market Growth Surprise

The Contact Lens industry is doing very well, and proof of this is found in a data collection review that Euromcontact has just released figures on.What the review has thrown up is that contact lens penetration levels here in the United Kingdom however are almost half of that than has been recorded from Sweden, who are Europe's top performers in the soft contact lens market. Looking at data from last years sales, Euromcontact reported that their market grew by 3.6%. This was looking at information collected from eleven out of the thirty three countries represented by the organization on sales of monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily disposable and conventional soft contact lenses.
 The number of contact lens wearers in the 15-64 year old age bracket in Sweden had risen by 7.1%, and in Norway and Denmark by just over 10%. Compare those figures to Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom that had a market growth of just 0.04 per cent and the gap is obviously wide. Why is it that less people are in the market for soft and conventional lenses over here? Companies work very hard in tehir marketing approached and service care plans to ensure growth and continued improvements with the products that are made available.

Those companies involved in the data collection included Johnson & Johnson, CooperVision, Menicon and Alcon/CIBA Vision.