Masters In Optometry Course To Launch At Portsmouth University

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A new optometric couse is due to launch in 2016 at the University of Portsmouth. The forthcoming Masters in Optometry will be a four year degree at the university and it is hoped to have influences from sources such as the General Optical Council and College of Optometrists.

The Masters in Optometry course will be available from the Health Science and Social Work division of the university. Portsmouth University itself was first recognised in its current form in 1992, following its transition from its previous incarnation as the Portsmouth Polytechnic. With the eye and sight in mind, it is quite apt that the motto of the school is, 'Let us follow the light.' The school division is part of the universities overall Faculty of Science which as well as dealing with eye care, eye health and optometry, will also focus on subjects such as pharmacy and biomedicines.

As well as hopeful integration with the College of Optometrists and General Optical Council, the university will also be linked with a number of local eye care specialists as they look to build the course around research and the staff and students abilities to contribute to the public health agenda. The course will also look to employ two senior optometry lecturers to help mold, design and implement the Masters in Optometry degree.

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