Monitoring our Monitors

We have blogged before about the safety of our eyes when we are working or playing, and part of that is being aware of how our eyes are affected when we do close visual VDU work as many of us are now computer reliant.Well now a producer of technology monitors have announced the release of a range of monitors called the Eye-Care Series that are being marketed to safeguard your vision by offering comfort and an enjoyable viewing experience.BenQ is now the very first brand globally to launch flicker free monitors that have been developed with eye care professionals to provide a range that truly want to care for the users health. As well as flicker-free technology they also benefit from four varying low blue light modes for web surfing, office and multimedia or reading use. This is welcome to the heavy use display users who will no doubt have concerns about eye strain from prolonged use of VDU's.BenQ use a unique De-flickering Backlight Circuit Controller for a zero-flickering viewing experience. This in turn helps reduce eye health concerns raised by a fast-flickering display and/or prolonged usage of PCs and notebooks. In other monitors you would expect the flickering to happen at two hundred times per second as brightness levels are regularly refreshing.

Their Eye-Care series will continue to develop and grow working from user feedback and eye health experts to perfect the ranges for what will hopefully prove to be a revolutionary way for us to work.