Moorfield on the Move


One of the UK's most renowned hospitals and a world leader in clinical research, teaching, care and education, the Moorfields hospital, has announced that it wishes to move its City Road hospital to a brand new development in the King's Cross / Euston district.As a mainstay hospital the buildings are now more than one hundred years old with history to match it's track record of successes in ophthalmic care.Following a development review the existing site was deemed as  " no longer suitable for the provision of modern ( 21st century) care".
What the staff at the existing  site are needing are integration between their research, clinical  and teaching elements which the old building unfortunately cannot offer.Purpose built accommodation has been identified as the one area that would propose to give this to the most successful workings of the hospital.

The proposal is available for comment online and in addition a drop - in session has been set up to run on January 24t to address questions and queries arising from the proposal.