More Than Just A Routine Check

There have been more reports in the media this week of patients attending eye examinations and being rushed to surgery following x-rays that have detected tumors, some even life threatening.

One woman only went for a  test when pushed by family who were concerned at her prolonged bouts of nausea and headaches.

Another man, saw a noticeable change in his appearance, was getting consistently more confused, as well as not being able to drive well, before he went to his local high street optician for an eye exam. The examination picked up a worrying increased pressure behind one eye. A subsequent MRI scan showed that he had a brain tumor and surgery was hence imminent.

Eye tests are more than just the sight and health nature of vision loss prevention. It's part and parcel of a holistic approach to your health. Apart from eye diseases other issues like high blood pressure or signs of brain abnormalities can be detected. These cases highlight the importance of regular examinations.