National Eye Health Week Begins

Next week marks National Eye Health Week, September 16-22 and this week British Members of Parliament and organizers launched the annual initiative with a gathering at Westminster. Again, eye care and health professionals will be using the week long campaign as a platform to educate patients and lobby for improved public health policies.

Various tests and interest opportunities will abound at the week long expo which proves more popular year on year, which is fantastic for raising awareness of eye health and eye conditions as a preventable measure.

As well as a push for patients to recognize how the severity of eye disease can progress if left undetected there is a campaign by medical director  and surgeon Milind Pande of the Vision Surgery and Research Centre of Yorkshire to make advanced cataract surgery more widely available.

Regular eye care is the start of reducing the widespread onset of vision loss through undetected eye disease and the campaign will promote that widespread availability of advanced treatments for these diseases will be fundamental in reigning in an endemic for an aging population.