National Eye Health Week Details

National Eye Health Week Details

From September 22nd-28th, the organisers of National Eye Health Week (NEHW) are hoping that all practitioners will take part in this week long campaign.

This will be the first NEHW. The aim is for eye care charities and health professionals across the board in the UK to join together and promote the huge importance of eye care, eye health and the need for regular eye check ups with your local optician.  We all know that our vision really does matter and sight is the one sense that most people fear of losing the most. Given how precious our eyes are, many people still don't know the best ways to look after their eyes.  Lifestyle factors can all play a big part in the health of your eyes. Promoting a healthy diet, wearing sunglasses on bright sunny days and even quitting smoking will help maintain healthy vision and eyes.

A fact you may not know is that there are 1.8 million people in the UK alone living with sight loss. Over 53% of these people would benefit from just a pair of glasses! Not only does a regular eye test check your eye sight but early stages of eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts can be detected.

Each day this campaign will touch on various aspects of eye health. It is a unique event and it's hoped that it will prove to be invaluable to everybody.

Here's the run down of NEHW:

  • General eye health - 22/09/14
  • Women’s eye health - 23/09/14
  • Sight after 60 - 24/09/14
  • Sports vision - 25/09/14
  • Eye research - 26/09/14
  • Nutrition and the eye - 27/09/14
  • The link between smoking and sight loss - 28/09/14
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