New Clinic for Doncaster


Research has shown that a staggering percentage of stroke victims and brain injured patients suffer from vision problems once the main condition has been brought under medical control. It is more common for patients to suffer vision difficulties if the stroke has affected the right hand side of the brain. The after effect of a stroke that impacts on our visual pathways, include problems with depth perception and also detection of movement, The evidence from research shows that 90 per cent of people will suffer from vision problems after a stroke or injury to the brain.

Now, a brand new Orthoptic Stroke Clinic has been opened to the public within the Outpatients Department at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and will run weekly clinic sessions to assist in the rehabilitation of patients affected by vision distortion due to stroke or brain damage.

They will assist with patients immediate difficulties as well as liaise on partially sighted registration, reading aids, and various techniques that can be utilized to compensates for the various visual effects of stroke.