New Easyfit From Swiss Eyewear Fit Over Sunglasses

Easyfit Sunglasses

The manufacturers of glasses and sunglasses brands such as Rip Curl, Invu and Marc Stone, have released a brand new range of innovative 'fit over your glasses' sun protecting eyewear called Easyfit. The Swiss Eyewear Group launched the new Easyfit products as a stylish and safer way to enhance your existing prescriptive glasses as opposed to making the switch to a dedicated pair of prescription sunglasses.

Since its inception in 2013, the Swiss Eyewear Group, based in Zurich, have been involved heavily in the global eyewear industry through manufacturing and design as well as marketing and sales. The group look to offer a 'genuine alternative in the international (optics) market' through their range of unique brands and high quality products. Existing aspects of their portfolio in the eyewear market include Invu, the ultra polarized sunglass design brand, Rip Curl Sunglass Collection and their range of modern designs from leading international designer, Marc Stone which offers 'minimalism with a subtle futuristic touch.'

Swiss Eyewear Group believe that their new Easyfit range is a 'win win' for not only consumers, but also opticians alike. The idea behind Easyfit, is to offer a solution for wearers of prescription glasses, who also require a variant for protection against the sun. The Easyfit simply fits over the top of your existing glasses as an accessory as opposed to being a standalone product, offering the buyer a stylish and affordable option to purchase, whilst also giving opticians the perfect upsell opportunity that adds extra value. This accessory makes it a great option for consumers, giving them the freedom to update their prescription when necessary, without the need to double up to replace sunglass lenses too. Other benefits that the group list include being a safe option to 'slip on and off' whilst driving, should conditions on the road change. With a range of designs, the Swiss Eyewear Group hope that the Easyfit will be a popular addition to the marketplace.

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Easyfit by Swiss Eyewear Group