New Equipment will Be Best in Region


The Alexandra Hospital in Redditch has taken delivery of a brand new piece of equipment that was purchased via fundraising volunteers from the hospitals own  league of friends.

The Heidelberg Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography apparatus cost £165,000.00 and will be able to produce highly detailed three dimensional images of the eye without physical contact ( via scanning ).

The apparatus will assist in providing full assessments and treating patients with age-related macular deneration and also will disgnose problems with greater accuracy and quickly. 

It is reported that the equipment will save travelling time for patients up to sixteen thousand hours over a year. 

A spokesperson for The Alexandra has said that the new service will help two thirds of patients needing the assessment this new machine can now provide. Roughly one in eight people aged 85 years and over suffer from macular degeneration.

Those that have helped raise the funds for such a piece of technology will benefit right back with it being resident at the hospital.