New Eye Service for AMD Patients

UK  provider Optegra has this month launched a service to assist and support patients diagnosed with dry AMD. The service will operate from the Birmingham Eye Hospital where patients will be managed jointly by local opometrists and the consultant opthalmologists at Optegra, so that a more regular screening process can be delivered.

The National Health Service struggle to provide regular patient assessments, which while, dry AMD is untreatable, would assist patients with monitioring and emotional support for the condition. The new service will provide exactly this ans aims to detect condition changes efficiently and with speed.

 The screening will consist of an hour long patient appointment within which  autofluorescence retinal images are taken and a full eye exam is carried out.
New breakthroughs in therapy developments will be able to be passed onto patients with the routined screening that will hopefully lead to future treatments for both wet and dry AMD.
After the hour consult, an Optometry assessment will take place every six months  followed by a yearly review at the hospital.