New Funding for Nystagmus Trial

A new research project into the eye condition Nystagmus has been announced by London's Moorfield's Eye Hospital.

The condition includes
Manifest nystagmus
Congenital nystagmus
Manifest-latent nystagmus
Acquired nystagmus
Latent nystagmus

It usually is detected in childhood and one in several thousand children are affected.

The condition is characterised by involuntary movement of the eyes in any direction  and those who have the condition usually suffer from poor vision.

The project will investigate whether or not contact  lenses can improve the vision of adults with infantile Nystagmus

The project  costing £15000 is being supported by the Nystagmus network  and Fight for Sight following a national charity  fund raising campaign.

Moorfield's consultant Opthalmologist Ms M Theodorou will lead the research.