New iPad App For Optical Professionals Available On App Store

Apple iPad 2 App EyeDispense

Sold as the very first of its kind, EyeDispense, the brand new iPad2 app is being offered to the market as, 'for use by optical professionals, to help people with poor vision choose new eyeglasses without optical correction.'

The new app available via the App Store allows opticians to offer clients a clever way of choosing their new glasses by opening up opinion to the masses... and all their friends. The software allows the optician to take four different shots of the client at different angles in their choice of glasses, before uploading the images as a photocard online to allow friends and family to help choose the best option before purchasing. The images can be easily integrated with Facebook or via email directly, giving a very quick and pain free way of making your mind up.

The fantastic option of using this new app with the iPad2 allows opticians to take advantage of the tablets rear high definition camera to give a crystal clear image and finish.

The app is available by clicking the link below:

Or you can visit the apps website for further details: