New Laser Patent Approved

In the United States a new approval from the FDA has been granted to an ophthalmic device maker for a Solutis glaucoma laser. The firm who are dedicated ultrasound and laser device producers, Quantel Medical, have acquired the approval for the device following the expiry date of a pre-existing patent that had been afforded to a Boston General Hospital that put a restriction on the firm and several other same type manufacturers from marketing SLT  Technology within the United States ( selective lasering trabeculoplasty).

Worldwide, the patent had been allowed and in operation since 2007.

The device is designed for the reduction of intraocular pressure for patients diagnosed and suffering from glaucoma.Being a laser it is a non-invasive form of treatment that induces a cellular regenerative response. It is a treatment that can be repeated due it being so gentle and has none of the known or reported side effects for patients that are more commonly linked to the prescription of glaucoma drugs.