New Term Advice for Long Term Benefit

With new students now in the full flow of a fresh new start to University or higher education or high school, it's important as parents and tutors to remind them of the challenges on their eyes when they are placed under academic pressure. Most pupils these days rely on the use of computers or tablets to study, write reports or prepare homework, and the prolonged exposure to this coupled with less sleep ( especially during Fresher Week!) can have a limiting effect on their vision, as tired eyes begin to get scratchy or dried out.Remind them to place the screen of their P.C. a little further away and as ridiculous as they may think it, remind them to blink. Looking away from the computer and re-focusing on an object twenty feet or so away from them will assist in reducing the tired eyes symptoms.
 Those that are already under the care of an optician may wear contact lenses. Perhaps the move to higher education has prompted your child to make the move from school years in glasses to a more adult "look. It is not uncommon as a student to leave lenses in for up to eighteen hours a day, far in excess of the recommended hours for comfort and health reasons.Without being submitted to regular oxygen bouts, the cornea can begin to inflame and the resulting visuals will become blurry. At the very worst, this can result in ulcerated corneas or infections that have a serious damaging effect on long term sight.Alternating between between lenses and glasses or a change in lens to one that is more oxygen permeable may be one solution.