Northamptonshire Making Awareness

A startling news release from an optometrists based in Northamptonshire has been given that states that up to one in seven people in the County have an existing eye condition that requires treatment.A sight awareness drive is being organized by Davis Optometrists called Northamptonshire Eye Health Awareness Week which will run from the end of the month (April 28)  to May 4 with an aim to increase the amount of people having sight and vision tests.In a public survey it was determined that the fear of sight loss was greater than stroke, heart disease, cancer, AIDS or diabetes however there is still a lack of education in safeguarding our vision  and of general awareness of eye health that can massively reduce the risks of eye related conditions or at least make us more aware to the early onset of some eye diseases.Their survey reported that four per cent of Northamptonshire people were suffering from impaired vision. Just over six per cent had cataracts, two per cent were suffering from Age Related Macular Degeneration and just over one per cent were diagnosed with glaucoma.
 A big push has been made within schools so that the message can be delivered during eye health week to regularly have sight tests and deliver information on general eye health.For every eye test signed up for during the awareness week the company will support the Guide Dogs for the blind by making a donation.