Not All Lasers are Good

Parents and carers will be minded to hear that there is concern within the ophthalmology industry  about some of the laser novelty toys that are currently within the market. The reason for this is the proposed damage to eyes id used incorrectly which can result ion short term trauma or long term damage to eyesight and vision.Reports of laser scarring on a young child of only eight years old have been made further to such a  laser beam being " flashed" into his eyes for a period of only seconds. His vision ( which should record as normal on a  Snellen chart test) was recorded at only 3/60 ( meaning he could only read the largest chart letter from a distance of just three metres as apposed to sixty which is the control norm).

The call is to be wary of the sometimes irreversible damage that some of these toy products can inflict. Retinal damage, being the most sensitive part of the eye, cannot be repaired once the damage has been done.