Not So Smart

While the benefit of Smart Phone technology has brought hope for vision awareness in the form of PEEK, there is an alarming report that they also are causing untold damage to vision when used for their recreational purpose.That alarming number is the thirty five percent rise on diagnosed cases of myopia amongst the younger generation, who are most exposed to the smart phone boom phenomenon.Since the late nineties, the number of laser eye surgeries required to tackle the condition has been steadily on the rise. This coincides with the release of smartphone technology. A leading eye laser surgeon and founder of the clinic chain Focus Clinics also warns that over the coming decade there could be a further increase of fifty per cent as the average daily use for the devices pushes a two hour a day average.Professionals are nick naming the cause and effect " screen sightedness".

While reading books and paperwork generally means we hold items about 40 cm away from our faces,  the smartphones are generally held really close up and coupled with viewing TV and using computers, younger people are putting their eye health at risk.