Old School Therapy for Eyes?

Dr Kondrot, the founder of  The Healing the Eye and Wellness Centre in the US  is addressing one of the chronic factors behind various eye disease. Dr. Kondrot claims that the benefit of Chelation therapy comes as an effective preventative medicine to assist in the removal of heavy metals from our bodies. First pioneered as a therapy for the military servicemen of the Navy who received contamination while painting warships it has since been used as an alternative treatment for conditions such as heart disease. The treatment takes the form of a series of injections of  ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid that attaches to and removes damage inducing heavy metals. In addition to this it has been recorded as reducing cholesterol levels via cleansing arteries, improving circulation and aiding prevention of blood clots and improving vision.

 He claims it has been proven successful in assisting patients with chronic eye disease as the accumulation of these toxic heavy metals is broken down.