Opticans Close Ranks As News Of The World Allegations Continue

Opticians withdraw advertising funds

As the dust shows little signs of settling over the infamous phone-hacking scandals that have seen the News of the World newspaper close its doors, it has now become apparent that before the final issue was printed, two large opticians pulled their adverts from the paper. Both Boots and Specsavers, two of the UK's largest opticians, had suspended all forms of advertising in the soon to be doomed red-top newspaper as allegations continued to rumble in the media.

The optical giants had the choice taken from them eventually, as the 168 year old, News International owned, newspaper cancelled all commercial entries in the final edition, instead promoting charitable causes in their places. This remarkable set of events had not just caused questions over promotional advertising from companies in the optometry world, but all industries from every sector took the decision to withdraw advertising following the revelations of phone hacking/intercepting of a number of well known celebrities, but more shockingly the victims and families of sensitive tragedies such as the London bombings on 7/7.

Science And Technology by Petr Kratochvil (Image)