Personalised Eye Care Information Packs For Care Homes

Personalised Eye Care Information Packs For Care Homes

In an effort to help care home staff offer the very best service they can to their residents, Specsavers Healthcall have launched a new personalised information pack for its patients, unique to that individual person. Each pack will have easy to understand and simple guides regarding that persons eye wear needs, conditions and requirements.

Dubbed the Personal Eyecare Package, the easy to understand document will be available for Specsavers Healthcall users and will include the following:

  • Illustrated guide showing activities for which the patient will need glasses
  • Eye test results, including an illustration of the patients glasses
  • Photographs of conditions that the patient may suffer from
  • Tips to help the patient based on their eyesight

The idea behind the new product is to make things quick and easy for staff to help their residents. Where an elderly person may require the use of particular eyewear in different circumstances, a quick glance to their personal reference document will tell them all that they need to know. It is also hoped that by being aware of conditions that each person may have and the symptoms to look out for, the service may bring about more preventative measures when staff recognise the onset or progression of conditions that require treatment.

It is hoped that such a personalised information pack will help staff meet the specific needs of each resident on a per person basis.