Petition to Lobby New Course

There has been a call from students and existing professionals in the eye industry for a cap to be placed on a brand new optometry course being run at the Hertfordshire University as it is speculated that by running the course the release of graduates will flood an already over saturated optometry jobs market.
 The concern is that graduate stage optometrists will not be able to finish their training as there will be increased competition for the posts available. The onslaught of this position could then result in decreased salary levels for existing practitioners.
 The General Optical Council have been called on by the break out group called Stop Hertfordshire to recognize the concern and implement the cap, and have started proceedings with an online petition that has fourteen hundred strong signatures.This is not a new concept as a cap was placed similarly on the Pharmacy industry recently however it was argued it was not placed in time. The optometry industry is wanting to avoid anything similar happening.

The Council responded that issues such as the market demand for professionals was not something that they had power to consider, and that it would fall to government.