Plant Closure

It is common news this day and age to hear of proposed redundancies over staff shortages but worryingly for one eye health provider in Waterford, management have indicated that an entire plant may well be at risk of closure if a significant cost reduction cannot be enforced with immediate effect. This would effect eleven hundred people.One of the largest employers in the southeast, Bausch & Lomb make contact lens for the optometry market and are now faced with having to make up to two hundred redundancies  for the remaining staff a sizable deduction in pay as a pre-requisite for keeping the plant open.
 The management have declared that the Waterford plant in question had a higher base cost than other plants within the Bausch & Lomb substructure and as the current contact lens market is fast moving and strong, with Bausch & Lomb appearing fourth in market share leader boards against current competitors, the plant no longer remains a sustainable option.In order to secure any type of future this massive re-structure of this particular plant has to take place and management have expressed that it remains their wish that the plant can remain open. Unions are asking the Government to support the workers who may be affected by this shakeup and try to protect as many positions as possible.