Pricey but a Game Stopper

An expensive but exciting new prosthesis has now entered the global optometry market from developers in Switzerland.

In a small operation where the wall of the eye is opened to house an implant the wearer is then provided with a pair of glasses that house more technology that films what is being seen in front of them.

 From the film, information is passed through a mini processor which conveys the data to the implant. The result?The user receives a perceived image which provides a sense of volume and recovers a base line scope of vision for patients that have suffered retinal degeneration.

At just under a hundred thousand euros so far only eighty patients have opted for the procedure around the world, but it has made an experience accessible to those who would benefit and can afford to take part.  Long term it is hoped that health insurance systems will refund the high cost of treatment for what is effectively a life changer for those afflicted.