Progression of Myopia

An investigation into children with diagnosed Myopia wearing a multifocal contact lens has reportedly shown a reduction in the time the condition progresses by an impressive fifty per cent.

The study was conducted on children living within the United States and the findings published in the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry.

The results that the multifocal lens wearers had roughly half as much progression of the condition were in comparison to a control group who only wore single focus lenses.
In addition to the slowed progress of the Myopia the use of these lenses also reportedly encouraged a thirty per cent reduction in lengthening of the eye.

In total the research group conducted with forty children aged between eight and eleven years of age. It was stressed that the use of multifocal  lenses for sight correction AND control of the condition may not work so solidly and with such great outcomes for everybody. The percentages recorded in this study were pertinent to the group involved.