Rare But Noticable

The condition Aniridia, is a somewhat uncommon one, a genetic disorder, and a danger to your sight, it is perhaps a condition that should not be newsworthy because of its rarity.
It is linked not only to vision loss but also other metabolic conditions as a result of its autosomal dominant or recessive inheritance factors.

Patients with Aniridia are noticeable because of their incomplete iris formation. The muscles that usually open and close the pupil is missing.
Patients that have the condition due to Autosomal dominant  factors are less likely to have additional medical problems. Autosomal dominant problems result from one of a pair of matched genes being normal whilst the other carries the abnormality. There is a one in two chance of inheritance in each such pregnancy. Usually several individuals in successive generations will be affected.

Those carrying the recessive gene are at risk of learning disabilities and only affects siblings within a single generation.The effects vary depending on the cause. Light sensitivity and lens clouding are all prominent problems but conditions that can be exacerbated by it include glaucoma, corneal disease, macula and optic nerve disease, cataracts and nystagmus.