"Read that Number plate please..."

Talks regarding change in current legislation with regards to the Motor Vehicle (Driving License) Amendment Regulations 2013 is now officially red stamped and in print under the Act.It has been directed to help protect users on UK roads from drivers with poor vision and  eyesight, with an important provision that demands drivers take responsibility for their own standard of sight.

Included in the groups that assisted in finalising the new Act were The Optical Confederation, the RSA Insurance group and "Brake" a  UK road safety charity.

The age old " read the number plate" test still has merits within the Act however the optical federation wanted to make a push that the individual ( driver)  must fall within a score of 6/12 of visual acuity to be deemed safe to drive on our roads. As a result of the addition, new forms for license applications and renewals were drawn up that require each applicant to sign a declaration that they do meet the required standard of vision and that they have never received a professional diagnosis saying otherwise.

The groups stated that they will continue to raise public awareness of the importance of sight standard when in control of a vehicle.

All parties will continue to work together to raise awareness of the importance of always driving with good vision.