Research is Best for Best

An experiment taking place in Wisconsin USA is hoping to breakthrough a new cure for existing eye disease.

Doctors from the McPherson Eye Research Institute are experimenting with skin samples from patients that are then combined with induced pluripotent stem cells in the hope that it assists in understanding  various eye disorders and age related degeneration diseases.

The researchers hope to report more notes on the possible biological effects of gene mutation and in particular find the right solution to  carve out and develop brand new treatments associated with Best Disease.

The skin samples being harvested have been taken from two different families which are suffering from Best Disease as it is thought that the disease is genetic and will affect the children as early as at the age of three.

The successful experiment  showed that from the skin samples possible stem cells were able to be produced.  These stem cells were then turned into retinal pigment epithelium which  roughly resembles the cells of an effected eye with Best Disease.

The group of researchers were able to track down the progress that destroys the vision.