Retinal Imagery Of Vitamin C Boosting Via Fundus Camera

Increased definition in veins post Vitamin C boost

We recently discussed the new study of Cardio Retinometry and the benefits to patients which an optician can offer through the use of fundus cameras to detect and diagnose heart defects at the early stages of disease. Our original blog can be found here:

This image is part of a recent trial which follows the same path, but then suggesting possible treatments once the problem is found, and again the use of a fundus camera is critical in being able to see improvements and changes made. The research in question surrounds the boosting of Vitamin C levels in a patient once the thinning of retinal veins and arteries has been diagnosed by an optician. The belief of this study is that a significant increase in the bodies Vitamin C levels shows an improvement in these vessels' definition and in turn thickness and health.

Whilst the 'before' image shows lighter and thinning arteries prior to this boost, the 'after shot' has been put forward as displaying a thickening of these same arteries around 2 years later, with an increase in definition and re-appearance of once disappearing vessels.